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This site takes full advantage of the latest Web technologies, and stretches the boundries whenever possible. To enjoy MOWA to its fullest, please consider the following recommendations:

  1. Use the most recent browser software.

    Only the newest browsers (version 4.0 and later) will allow you to experience many of the special effects being utilized throughout the site.

  2. Enable Java.

    To experience various types of animation and interactivity, Java must be enabled in your browser's "Preferences" or "Options" menu.

  3. Download the Plug-Ins.

    Many of the pieces on display at  MOWA require the use of specific plug-ins in order to be seen or heard. You can stock up now, or get 'em as you need 'em.

    Get Shockwave! Get RealAudio! Get QuickTime!
  4. Set your monitor to the maximum number of colors available.

    If your current computer setup is limited to a 256-color (8-bit) display, your experience will not be drastically hindered (subtle color variations will have a "dithered" quality). However, a setting of thousands (or even millions) of colors is preferrable.

  5. Make sure your speakers are on.

    You never know where audio may be hiding—be ready for it!

  6. Make your browser window as large as possible.

    In this case, bigger is better (unless specifically instructed to do otherwise).

General Guidelines:

Touch everything (interactivity may be where you least expect it).

• • •

Look everywhere (scroll bars are for scrolling!).

• • •

Talk as loud as you'd like, and as often.

• • •

Food, beverages,
and pets are permitted.

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