Main Entrance

Your gateway to the MOWA experience. Enter, explore, and enjoy!

North Gallery | Things That Work

Interactivity is the key ingredient here. For something to work, it must be "activated" by the user's touch, as in clicking a button to make something happen.

South Gallery | Things That Are Constant

Textile design for the Web is the featured player in this gallery, where things that are constant don't always stand still.

East Gallery | Things That Change

Things that change do so on their own, without the need for interaction, just like the volunteers at the MOWA Visitor's Center, who alternate every eight hours, rain or shine.

West Gallery | Things That Move

The element of motion brings a dynamic to the Web that cannot be equalled on paper or canvas. Movies, video, and animation are among the things you'll find in the West Gallery.

Linker Hall | Special Exhibits

Here you will find those collections which transcend all categories.

Visitor's Center

A worthwhile stop for first-time visitors, and an enjoyable detour for return visitors. Help yourself to any brochures, talk to one of our friendly volunteers, or take a guided tour with a MOWA docent.

Information Exchange

Come discuss the art, technology, and culture of the World Wide Web; or maybe send a postcard or two!

Kids Wing

Interactive fun for the whole family. Make art, play games, and see what kids are up to in the World Wide Web. While you're there, be sure to say "hello" to Dot, our Fun Activities Director.

Courtyard (COMING SOON)

A quiet place to contemplate everything you've seen and experienced. While you're here, take a virtual restroom break or grab a virtual snack at the MOWA cafe.

Gift Shop

Secure, online purchasing of software, souvenirs, and collectibles. Special discounts available to MOWA members. (COMING SOON)


Links to sites which have contributed to, influenced, and otherwise aided in the building of MOWA. And if you're interested in our awards...

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Sign the guestbook, send an email, get on the mailing list, or report a problem. Your input is always welcome.


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When you become a MOWA member, you are not only helping to support and maintain a valuable asset to the Web community, but you will receive special discounts, benefits, and permanent "Patron of the Arts" status.

Exhibit Guides

Quick-glance navigational guides are available at all exhibit entrances, including the Main Entrance.

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