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North Gallery | Things That Work


From the Amy Stone collection. Push and listen.
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  Installations: The Interactive Experience

Interactive explorations by Aaron Calhoun, Debbie Salemink, Fischer West, FUSE98, and Nofrontiere Webgroup.
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West Gallery | Things That Move

  Classic Promos Direct From the Web to Yous

Kinetic creations by Auriea Harvey/Entropy8 Digital Arts, iXL, Otis College of Art and Design, Red Sky Interactive, and Rubin Postaer Interactive. Even if you've seen them before, you'll enjoy seeing them again
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East Gallery | Things That Change

  The Changing Face of Time

View time through a window, watch a minute pass, or leaf through the pages of Giga's Millennium Diary, where every day is a unique experience.
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  The Counter Revolution

Functioning, graphic website counters by Ashley Cheng, Yoshiaki Hagihara, Corey Marion, Malte Mass, Nathan Robinson, Adriaan van Roeden, and Amy Stone. Counter script by Matt Wright.

South Gallery | Things That Are Constant

  Wallpaper and the Web

Background patterns and motifs used expressly for Web pages. Featured artists include Ashley Cheng, David Siegel, Kelly McLarnon, Roy Williams and Bruce Sears' Wallpaper Machine, Tricia MacArthur, and Amy Stone.

  Wallpaper, Too

Animated backgrounds for Web pages. Featured artists include Thomas James Allen and Amy Stone.
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Linker Hall | Special Exhibits


Engaging and captivating website "openers" by Antropica, Auriea Harvey/Entropy8 Digital Arts, AW3AS, frogdesign, iXL, Josh Ulm, Michael French, Ruder Finn, and Venu Interactive.
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Kids Wing

Interactive fun for the whole family, featuring works by Adrian Cotter, Fischer West, Michael French, Rachel Hefter, and Susan Finley.
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