The web's first animated musical about life's BIG issues for kids, parents, teachers (and their turtles...)

* "Late Nite" *

Lizzy worries when her Parents go out at night in the big city.

* "I Do Not Like My Sister"*

Why is Scorn Boy Brother sending away for weapons advertised on the back of comic books?

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"two of her"

Lizzy faces a crisis of identity between "The Lizzy" she created to please people, and The Lizzy inside who created "The Lizzy" she knew they wanted.

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About the STUFF you think about, but don't always know how to talk about because nobody else talks about IT to you (which, by the way, YOU can talk and hear more about on our site at The Blue Notebook Club)


The amazing life of Lizzy's amazing first pet--the "Houdini" of Turtles.

"Masked Cowboy"

Lizzy's unrequited love for The Masked Man who lives inside the TV set -- and is not coming out to rescue her anytime soon.