Reprint permission courtesy of Yahooligans!
Weekly Hypersite

Museum of Web Art

Week of June 26th, 1999

Welcome to the Museum of Web Art, an amazing new gallery of electronic art created exclusively for the Internet. Unlike a normal art gallery, the paintings in this exhibit are dynamic: they warp, morph, shimmer, and shuffle!

Newcomers may want to start off in the Kids Wing, where your charming hostess Dot will lead you through an exciting maze of interactive paintings, cool puzzles, and amazing stories. Do you like to draw? Draw your own doodles on the chalkboard, or explore the sights and sounds of "Lizzie," an animated musical adventure where you are the star!

The main gallery is divided into four fantastic sections. In Things That Work, you are invited to click on tons of buttons: all shapes, all sizes, all clickable. This wacky exhibit puts the "fun" back in "functionality" (which just means how things work). Enjoy!

Ready to get seriously nutty? Head over to Things That Move, where you'll find a crazy mish-mash of interactive tricks. Zoom in a car, flip a skateboard, or play pong. What's that, you've never played pong? You don't know what you're missing, kid.

Time flies when you're having fun. Especially in Things That Change, a cool techno exhibit that features a mind-boggling mix of ever-changing images. This crazy mix of weirdo pics includes a purple Buddha, floating eyeballs, alien beaches, and dancing skeletons. Don't say we didn't warn you that time flies!

What about stuff that remains the same, like wallpaper? In Things That Are Constant, you'll zoom around through a buzzing world of patterns, motifs, and textiles that stay the same, but are different every time you look at them. Ivy-covered walls, cave paintings, phone cords, and leaves will never look the same again.

We hope you've enjoyed this trip into the world of web art. Until next week, happy hyper surfing!