Reprint permission courtesy of Andover.Net

The Museum of Web Art
Thursday - 03/Jun/1999 by Robin Miller

Those of us who live in or near Baltimore positively delight in odd museums. We have the Lightbulb Museum, the Museum of Dentistry, the Historical Electronics Museum, The National Cryptological Museum, and a whole bunch of others close at hand. Now we -- and anyone anywhere who has an Internet connection -- can also visit the Museum of Web Art. Yes, Virginia (and Georgia and Montana), there is such a thing. And it's tres cool, too.

This project is rather new as museums go. Not all the pages are quite full, and many of the items on display, perhaps too many, were created by founder Amy Stone. But the collection is growing steadily, and the site has gotten plenty of recognition lately, so this will inevitably change.

Submissions to the Museum of Web Art are encouraged. Those of you who send your Web art to TechSightings -- which is, sadly, not an appropriate place for it -- now have some place to send it where it will be appreciated and possible even displayed. And if your work isn't suitable for inclusion in MOWA, Ms. Stone has a page full of links to other art-oriented sites where your work might fit.

I found MOWA's layout and navigation scheme to be truly delightful. Rather than try to describe it, I'd like to let you enjoy it yourself, in person, because it is not only innovative but fun.

One warning: this is a graphics-intensive site that uses every browser plug-in you ever installed; it eats memory like a hungry pig and will crash a RAM-short computer without thinking about it. You may want to close other apps and clear your browser cache before you visit MOWA. And please allow plenty of download time for each exhibit if you're using a phone modem, because you'll need it. This is not a fast-loading piece of work.